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Checklist for Starting a New Business

Background Work

  •  Assess your strengths and weaknesses
  •  Establish business and personal goals
  •  Assess your financial resources
  •  Identify the financial risks
  •  Determine the start-up costs
  •  Decide on your business location
  •  Do market research
  •  Identify your customers
  •  Identify your competitors
  •  Develop a marketing plan


Business Transactions

  •  Select an accountant
  •  Choose a form of organization (proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, for example)
  •  Create your business "dba" register your name, incorporate the business, etc.
  •  Select a bookkeeping system
  •  Prepare a business plan
  •  Select a banker
  •  Set up a business checking account
  •  Apply for business loans (if applicable)
  •  Establish a line of credit
  •  Select an insurance agent
  •  Obtain business insurance


First Steps

  •  Get business cards
  •  Review local business codes 
  •  Obtain a lease (if applicable) 
  •  Line up suppliers (if applicable)
  •  Get furniture and equipment (unless we can convert personal use property)
  •  Obtain a business license or permit (if applicable)
  •  Get a federal employer identification number (if employees are anticipated)
  •  Get a state employer identification number (if employee are anticipated)
  •  Send for federal and state tax forms
  •  Join a professional organization and your local chamber of commerce
  •  Set a starting date

Quail Oaks Financial specializes in the entire business start up process. We can do most of this punch list on your behalf.

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