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The Quail Oaks Difference

We feel that there is no one way to approach your accounting and tax needs other than to tap into our depth of knowledge acquired from experience, a passion for solving tax code puzzles, and a creative drive to help you achieve your business and financial goals. (Yes, accountants can be creative too!)

If itís your birthday, surprises are okay, but when itís your business, your future, or your estate at stake, theyíre not so great.

No surprises Ė thatís the Quail Oaks Difference.

So how do we make sure your accounting and tax requirements donít produce surprises?


Fixed Price Agreement

We donít run the clock every time you have a question. Phone calls and consultations to consider some aspect of your business or finances are free. We think that one of the keys to successful planning is your ability to receive timely communication to help you make decisions. With all consultations being "FREE of Charge", you will never worry about picking up the phone to ask a question.

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A Systematic Approach

Routine, regular, strategy meetings are crucial to helping you gauge your financial progress. We create financial roadmaps, which include key success tools, to help you, monitor and track your progress. With this approach your financial reports become management tools rather than paperweights.

Tax Planning

Many individuals and business owners fall victim to ďtax reactionĒ each year, when tax planning is the clear alternative. We believe that tax planning; tax planning based on your identified needs, is one of our primary chores. Our tax planning approach not only eliminates the need for tax reaction (and surprises), it allows our clients to get (and keep) the most from the money they earn.

Connect The Dots & Cross the T's

The line where a business ends and where a life starts has become increasingly thin. Our services present a seamless connection between family, personal, and business needs. The principals of Quail Oaks Financial have aggressively acquired an increasing array of tools to serve our clients. Our ability to implement and execute your financial plan with your overall picture in mind, is an incredible strategic advantage. Few accounting firms are actually able to help you implement and execute the financial plan they suggest.


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