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Client Testimonials


"I am now the chair and not the treasurer of SCAC board, and have been waiting to hear what the new finance committee (yes, we actually have a committee!) decided they wanted to do before letting you know what is happening with the center's finances. There is CPA and a bookkeeper on the committee now who are willing to do all the bookkeeping, payroll and financial tracking pro-bono.  It is an offer we just can't refuse.  They will be taking over July 1, 2011.  They would like you and I to completely finish out this fiscal year including posting all checks, year-end closings and payroll reports.  And I will need to make sure they have any payroll related passwords they will need.  I think I have all of those, but I'm not sure."

"I can't thank you enough for all you have done for the center this year.  I would have been so lost without your help, guidance, teaching and, most of all, encouragement.  You have taught me so much about bookkeeping, and patiently corrected all of the things that I just couldn't (or wouldn't) seem to learn. Because of your hard work, the center is now on a strong path to financial recovery.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope we will have a chance to work together again sometime in the future. And, if you ever need a reference, you know I will give you a glowing one."

Thanks again,

Sandy Lazenby
SCAC Board of Directors (Sandy Community Action Center, Inc.)
"I brought Debi into a messy situation with a client after firing the previous bookkeeper for failing to perform. Debi quickly assessed the situation, determined what needed to be done, corrected the errors and then worked with me and the client to improve many of the processes and controls in place prior to her arrival. Debi is very reliable, knowledgeable of accounting issues that plague small businesses, is an extremely efficient worker and a real guru with QuickBooks.
Debi is on top of my list for any future clients in need of part-time bookkeeping assistance!"
Lanz Fritz, VP Operations StormwateRx
Portland, OR
In the past, I and companies I work with have used many so called QuickBooks experts with certifications.  I have always been disappointed with the results.  I found Debi Hambo about a year ago and she is truly the first QuickBooks expert who really knows what she is doing and can fix any problem in QuickBooks.  I have many satisfied clients and will continue to refer QuickBooks issues, only to her, no one else.
I have also searched for about 10 years, for someone who I felt was competent in accounting, that I could refer those clients to, whose needs I could not meet.  I have tried many a person who said they were bookkeepers/accountants and it has rarely worked.  Debi is able to go into any situation (especially very messy ones) and quickly determine the issues, and work diligently to have all accounts in order and balanced.  It is then extremely easy for me to prepare a tax return from her work.  I will refer work to her as long as she is still breathing.
Debbie Oglesby, EA, LTC
Troutdale, OR


Debi is our QuickBooks super-hero. She assessed our situation (which was grim) and immediately knew just what to do. We had 2.5 years of poor bookkeeping practice, and an audit deadline coming up fast. Debi had us ready for the audit, and all our accounts cleaned up and ship shape in 2 months.  How?  She had the expertise needed to understand our business (which has  unusually complicated payroll and challenging accounting needs). She worked long, grueling hours to make sure we made our audit deadline. I've rarely seen dedication and work ethic like hers...she really did what it took to get the job done!  She's incredibly motivated - she has a true passion for her work, and knows how to get results. 

Working with Debi has been a delight.  I'm the new bookkeeper - I have learned a lot more about QuickBooks because she's a great teacher.  She is very patient, and eager to answer all my questions.  She's licensed, so she stays up-to-date on the latest tax laws.  We're even confident enough to bring our payroll in-house, which will help our non-profit save money!  Anytime I've called with a question, she's been happy to help.  She's definitely worth every penny.  I highly recommend Debi Hambo of Quail Oaks Financial...she is truly a gem.

D Baker, Finance Coordinator
Portland, Oregon
"Quail Oaks Financial, LLC genuinely focuses on making my business more profitable by helping us take advantage of the new tax incentives. At the onset of our relationship, they restructured our business to reduce our overall tax burden. In fact, after an audit of the prior 3 years, we received a rather substantial refund of both federal and state income taxes. Each year, they develop a plan for reducing our tax burden and "quantify" the savings for us each year."
Tracy & Kim Harris
Harris Enterprises NW, Inc.
Quail Oaks Financial handles all of our bookkeeping and tax filings. They are ideal for the small business owner who isn't too financially savvy. I used another accountant and I never knew what was going on with my business. Hoboken Bookkeeping set everything up in QuickBooks and now I know exactly what my money is doing - every day. Debi makes smart suggestions and makes sure everything is being done properly. They also set up my estimating process so that it is done in a fraction of the time. This frees me up to do what I do best - and make money for my business.

Robyn McCarthy
McCarthy Information Systems
Debi at Quail Oaks Financial helped me to set up my business by preparing all financial documents and registrations which made incorporating a very easy process. I didn't have a great deal of knowledge about this, and rather than wasting my time in learning it. Debi & Jessica handled everything - making sure it was done correctly - the first time. Since I'm a small start-up I wasn't sure if an outside accounting firm would take time to work with me. But no business is too small for Quail Oaks Financial and they give me the one-on-one consultation I need and great professional guidance. With their help I know I am making smart decisions in handling my business finances.

Sharon LaResita
LaResita Outsource Center
It simply makes sense to have Quail Oaks Financial handle the setup and financial overview for your business. After reviewing my needs, they had my new business registered and my books set-up and running in no time. They bring the experience and financial expertise every business needs so that you can focus on what's important - growing your business. I love having the advice of an expert Controller without the salary that goes along with it!

Brandon Maller
A One Earth Moving
Thank You Debi!  I am glad you encouraged me to ask all the questions I have.  I tend to worry about being a pest :)  I am so glad I found you at the eleventh hour--before any more problems arise.  I had my glass of wine after we spoke (after going all the way to Portland to drop off forms) and slept wonderfully!  Yesterday, for the first day in a long time I could focus on my family instead of wading through info on the net.  I cannot thank you enough for that.
Sheila Logue
All American Clean, LLC
Oregon City, OR
The best decision I ever made! Debi truly strives to put my business first and means it!
I am starting my new business and once I contracted Debi for her services, my business has skyrocketed. I know I have my business on the right path and she also looks out for my tax return. She plans for my income tax return and explains the challenges of building a profitable business and utilizing the tax code to my fullest advantage! She is great for following up to be sure all my records, reports, and reporting requirements are submitted on time. I highly recommend her services - she too cheap, but don't tell her that!

by JD from Clackamas, OR - Yellow Pages, White Pages & More! OUR OVERALL RATING IS: Recommend Us | Reviews

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