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  Book Review of the E-Myth Manager by Michael Gerber

Manage the System Not People

Michael Gerber exposes the myths of management and the traps managers build for themselves. An "E-Myth Manager" knows that people are unmanageable. The minute you try to manage someone you create an object out of him or her. The minute you do that, you create conflict. And the minute you do that you create the worst of all possible worlds; the world of "us and them".

An "E-Myth Manager" is someone who knows the distinct and profound difference between trying to manage people and understanding how to manage the system. The system is what people use to consistently produce outstanding results.

The systems of the organization should be designed around delivering the organization's marketing promise -- delivering the product or service -- and how the product or service will be delivered (the customer's experience) every single time.

Michael Gerber shares valuable ideas in this book which, if applied, should help you build an organization that the owners, managers and workers will find rewarding and humane. If you would like to learn more about The E-Myth Manager, we recommend that you read the book. If you would like to sit down and talk about how to incorporate these concepts into your business, We would be delighted to make the time for you. Just call our office and we'll set it up.

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